MasTrack App Reviews

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Needs to be upgraded

Dated works poorly with newer iOS

Programming 102

This is not a banking app or a credit card app. Why in the hell its not programmed to stay logged in is a mystery.

Needs updating

Needs update; annoying to constantly have to keep re logging in. Would be ideal to see all vehicles on one map and be able to manage alert settings on app.

Needs Update

Won’t stay logged in, constantly having to renter password. Other than that, it’s ok.

Poor interface

The app tracks fine. But the mobile app is ancient and clunky and offers only a tiny portion of functionality that the website offers. And the website isn't mobile optimized at all. I regret not researching this more-- and hope that the company puts some efforts into this app.

Works well but some bugs

-Covers the basics well for location info -Won't remember password or use thumbprint on iPhone. Pain to re- enter each time - Reports filters when ALL is selected nothing is returned. You have to run a report for each parameter (speed, harsh brake, trip). Even with data in each the ALL return is empty.


Won't let me create a geofence on my app. I can on my droid device tho

Efficient & precise view

This app allows iPhone users who installed MasTrack OBD2 unit in their car to view their location on the map & satellite view, do reports and fix settings

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